Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Show: Band of Skulls!

It's always good when a band from your hometown escapes and makes music that is heard by more than 5 people outside of the said town's postcode. My hometown is Southampton and very few bands escape. Band of Skulls are one of only 3 bands in my memory that have done so and they've done so in style; I-Tunes single of the week, world tours, selling out the 2000 capacity Forum in London last year and appearing on The Twilight sound track to name a few highlights.

The band bring their ballsy blues rock to The Green Door store on Thursday 31st March, in what is definitely a intimate venue for the band!

Tickets are available from Rounder, Resident, Ape, Seetickets and WeGotTickets. This will definitely sell out (at the time of writing it's a third of the way there and it's been on sale since Wednesday), so pick up your tickets asap!

Other LTN news...
We have a logo! It's up there! It was done by this talented chap: Billy Mather. Check his stuff out and I dunno, buy something of his, or commission him to paint characters on the outside of your house.

Suuns show is THIS SUNDAY. The album is Rounder Records' album of the year so far, and quite frankly I can see why, it's flipping amazing! Support comes from 2 of my favourite local acts Vile Imbeciles and Restlesslist.

Here's a video:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super intimate Errors show!


Big news this. One of Love Thy Neighbour's all time favourite bands will be playing & DJing for us on the 8th of April at The Hope. If you do maths as well as I do, you will be aware that The Hope is a very small space for them to play in and if you love them as much as I do, will also know that this will be a show not to miss!

The band will be releasing a very limited edition picture-disc for the tour (which only consists of 4 dates) featuring 2 new songs; Magna Encarta & Ganymede. This follows up 2010's critically acclaimed 'Come Down With Me' album, which itself spawned the brilliantly titled 'Celebrity Come Down With Me'. This album was in my personal top 5 of 2010, and featured in several end of year lists by people that matter too.

If that isn't all exciting enough (A BLOODY PICTURE-DISC PEOPLE!!!), the band will also be DJing at our club night, which conveniently falls on the same night at the same venue. More conveniently, anyone who buys a ticket for the early show will also get free entry to the clubnight, which will also feature an as yet, unknown band.

So, tickets are currently available here and here, but will soon be available at Resident, Rounder & Ape.

And, as always, here's a video, of 'Supertribe' one of the highlights of 'Come Down With Me'