Thursday, December 15, 2011

Two more Love Thy Neighbour shows for 2012!

Hello again readers!

Two more shows for the early part of 2012 have just been confirmed; one featuring Nat Baldwin of Dirty Projectors and the other is the Upset The Rhythm Kingdom Tour featuring Gentle Friendly, Way Through and Peepholes!

Double-bassist Nat Baldwin has an impressive résumé. He's studied under free jazz guru Anthony Braxton, contributed to Department of Eagles' In Ear Park as well as Vampire Weekend's Contra, and is a member of Dirty Projectors. Over the course of nine years, he's also recorded several solo full-lengths (not to mention a split collaboration with Extra Life) that are equally varied. People Changes, his fifth, is a rich addition. He's just had a fantastic review in Pitchfork.

He comes to Brighton on Monday 30th January to play at The Hope. Tickets can be purchased here;

Here is a fine video for Weights, taken from his most recent album;, you can hear the album on Spotify here; Nat Baldwin – People Changes

Over the last eight years Upset The Rhythm have inexhaustibly sought out the best underground sounds from all over the world. With fifty releases under their belt and their inspired series of YES WAY festivals they continually focus the spotlight on the UK’s own idiosyncratic DIY music. February 2012 sees the label hit the road with three incredibly inventive bands from their native soil to bring their pastoral punk, junked rhythms and tribal synth dance parties to the near and far of the United Kingdom.

GENTLE FRIENDLY are a duo from London, comprised of David Morris and Richard Manber, who have a penchant for circular melodies, tidal fuzz and rapid junked rhythms. 2009 saw Gentle Friendly release their debut album 'Ride Slow' to critical acclaim, with Pitchfork even citing Clipse and Lil Wayne as influences on the band. Bringing us up to date, new EP 'Rrrrrrr' is the first fruit to fall from the tree, with its seven tracks washing the band's insistent prism punk alongside more tender, filmic textures.

WAY THROUGH are a pastoral punk duo originally from Shropshire, now residing in London. Informed by the field as much as the flyover, Way Through write songs which phase in and out with guitar, tapes, damaged drums and vocals.    Their debut album 'Arrow Shower' is out now on Upset The Rhythm, alongside the band's new deep map project of London's East End.

PEEPHOLES are Katia Barrett (drums, vocals) and Nick Carlisle (keyboards). The Brighton / London duo formed in 2006 after bonding over a Chinese violin and the quietest of music. Walking a tightrope between underground punk and dance music, Peepholes write cloaked anthems as likely to open celestial gates with keys of repetition as to soundtrack a slow motion fairground accident. Their sound is otherworldly, aching with wild beats, echoing with cavernous atmospheres.

This show is happening at The Green Door Store on Friday 3rd February. Tickets can be purchased here.



Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Love Thy Neighbour's Free Entry Christmas Special!

'Woah there, two Love Thy Neighbour updates in one week, what the hell is going on here?' I hear you ask. Well, we have a new show to announce AND we need to remind you about our final show of the year; our Free Entry Christmas special at The Hope on Friday.

Firstly, our Xmas special. It features 3 of our favourite local acts and is completely free! Headlining is Tense Men, a two piece featuring Sauna Youth / Cold Pumas member Ollie. Bands like Woven Bones come to mind as they mix shoegaze, punk, pop and noise. But enough of of the lazy comparisons and genre pigeon-holing, hear them here:


Main support comes from Speak Galactic, another duo, although up until recently were more of a one-man-orchestra, employing an array of pedals, samplers, a guitar and vocals. Now featuring a live drummer, the band continue to paint an incredible wash of textures, but now with added live punch!

Speak Galactic by speakgalactic

First on are a band who have been causing quite a stir in industry circles lately and are well worth checking out. Hockeysmith revolve around the sister duo of Annabel and Georgina, but upset this show's numeric equality by actually being a four piece. Their internet presence has been minimal / mysterious, but they released the below video which indicates their sound; a pop infused grunge / rock act.

Secondly, we're proud to announce that we're co-promoting Shearwater's return to Brighton with our good friends One Inch Badge. It will be at the Haunt on Friday 30th March and you can get tickets here: // // // Resident Music (01273 606312) // Rounder Records (01273 325440).

That's all for now,

Love Thy Neighbour

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Remember Remember join Errors at the Haunt

I'm really happy to announce that Remember Remember will be joining Errors at The Haunt on 15th February 2012. Like Errors, Remember Remember are also on Mogwai's Rock Action label and released one of my favourite albums of 2008. They also supported Growing at The Freebutt on my birthday, which was rather nice. Since then, they have released 'The Quickening', which has picked up rave reviews from sources as disparate as The Stool Pigeon and Mojo. If you are on spotify, you can hear said album here; Remember Remember – The Quickening

Errors themselves are on tour in support of their new album 'Have Some Faith in Magic', which is out on 30th January 2012. You can download a track from this here; Needless to say, we're psyched to have them back after their rather intimate show at The Hope last year.

Tickets are available from Resident, Rounder, Ape and