Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Loads of News: Club Night this Friday, Bearsuit & Thomas Truax shows confirmed!

There's almost too much to talk about here, so I'm going to have to be brief...

Firstly. Our club night at The Hope starts THIS FRIDAY! Featuring the wonderously un-pigeon-hole-able Restlesslist, the blissful electronica of London's Dan Smith and DJ sets from Love Thy Neighbour resident DJs and Esben and the Witch, long favourites of mine.

Restlesslist and Esben have been featured on this blog in times gone past, so here's a link to a Dan Smith track Icarus;

icarus by BASTILLE

Right, also, 2 new shows to tell you about! Both acts have been knocking around for a while now, and rightly so. First up on Sunday 27th February at The Hope is the madcap stop-start girl/boy cutie-riot grrrl-punk whirlwind that is Bearsuit. John Peel was a big fan, and that's certainly where I first picked up on this great band, who hail from the musical hot-bed that is Norwich. Their first album since 2007 is due this year, which is very exciting indeed.

'Frantic, retro space age, riotously cute disco-punk with the odd throwback to early Belle and Sebastian dropped in, all casual like, lollipop-innocent and coy glances like they hope you won't notice' Everett True

'In an era when almost everything is quite like something else, Bearsuit are not quite like anything' John Peel

'Cinematic doodlings, screamy art punk, and many twists and turns, condensed into less than half an hour of fine, left-field pop' The Independent

Tickets are £6.50 in advance and are available from here, as well as Rounder Records and Resident Music.

And lastly, but certainly not least, is the fantastic news that Thomas Truax will be gracing Brighton with his presence once again on Friday 18th March. Playing at the brand spanking new Green Door Store, this will certainly be a treat. To explain his live show to someone who hasn't seen him before is pointless, you simply must see him. A born entertainer, he will captivate the audience from the off, and his collection of bizarre home-made instruments are a sight to behold. He has recorded an album of David Lynch covers and last year released his 5th album, Sonic Dreamer.

"There's always a feeling you're listening to something different, something knowingly funny, and something very very special." 8/10 -Drowned In Sound

Tickets are £6 in advance and are available here, Resident Music and Rounder Records.

Here is a video that highlights how bloody awesome he is:

Thomas Truax - `Why Dogs Howl At The Moon Part 1` FlyTV In The Courtyard

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