Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This Promoter Needs Guns

Not really. I just did a joke with the band's name...

I'm pretty damn happy to announce that This Town Needs Guns will be coming back to Brighton after their sell out show with Tubelord at The Prince Albert back in 2009. They shall be playing in Sticky Mike's Frog Bar on Friday 2nd December.

For those who don't know, Oxford's This Town Needs Guns have been around since 2004 and make mathy rock music influenced by the likes of Owls, American Football and Make Believe. Their debut album 'Animals' was released in 2008 by acclaimed indie Big Scary Monsters and Sargent House (Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Maps and Atlases, Hella, Boris, Russian Circles...). Their new album is being recorded next month with Ed Rose (Appleseed Cast, Get Up Kids, Motion City Soundtrack, etc.), so this show will preview some of their new tracks as well as a new line up, with Pennines Henry Tremain joining the ranks.

Tickets are £7.00 in advance and are available in Resident Music (01273 606312), Rounder Records (01273 325440), Ape Music, Seetickets, WeGotTickets and AltTickets.

In other news, I have 2 or 3 more shows that I can announce shortly. Dunno why I'm telling you that really, mildly pointless to say the least. Just watch this space or something. Actually, I know for a fact that I can announce one of them on 28th September, so keep an eye out here or on the Love Thy Neighbour facebook page.

Right. Here's a video then. It's an old one I'm afraid, but it's a goodun...

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